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Scientific seminar of doctoral student F.M. Mussatayeva

On 15-th December 2022 at 17.00, the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Department of Philosophy held a scientific seminar to discuss the thesis of doctoral student Mussatayeva Farida Magauievna in the specialty 6D020400 «Cultural Studies» on the topic «Management in Culture».
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Lecture by Bazarbayeva K.K. scientific internship program 12/28/2022

12/28/2022, as part of a scientific internship for teachers of the Nukus branch of the Uzbek State University of Physical Culture and Sports, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of the Faculty of Physical Education of the ENU Bazarbayeva K.K. a lecture was held "The influence of trends in the field of education on the training of future teachers": - modern educational trends are looking for new ways and ways to interest students in the process. If earlier it was enough to use new technologies, now they are not surprising.
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