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А webinar was launched for medical universities and colleges i

On April 19, 2021, a webinar was launched for medical universities and colleges in the framework of a joint project with UNICEF and the Ministry of labour and social protection of population and L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University “Strengthening national curricula for the training and further training of social work specialists in the main competences of interaction and cooperation with the community with the aim of changing social norms of behavior”. The main aim of the webinar is to strengthen the capacity of teachers of medical colleges and universities in the specialties of nurse, public health, general medicine, as well as revise and improve the curriculum in the specialties "Nurse", "Public health", "General medicine". Outcome: definition of the role of the social worker in the health care system, as well as understanding the importance of the social worker and the multidisciplinary team.
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Religious studies scholars of ENU and foreign researchers on the matters of digitalization of religion

On April 22, 2021, the Department of Religious Studies at L.N. Gumilyov ENU jointly with N. Nazarbayev Center for the Development of Interfaith and Intercivilizational Dialogue, held an international scientific and practical conference “Religion and Religious Studies in the Context of Digitalization of Society”. The conference was held via “ZOOM” with the participation of Kazakhstani and foreign researchers from Ukraine, Russia and Uzbekistan. The special guests of the conference were representatives of religious associations of Kazakhstan. Also experts from Kazakhstani research organizations showed their interest in the conference.
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"Quality of life: socio-economic priorities and main directions of growth of social well-being of population".

April 22, 2021 as a listener senior lecturer of the Department of Religious Studies Aimukhambetov Timur Talgatovich attended the conference on the theme: "Quality of life: socio-economic priorities and key areas of growth of social well-being". This conference was held at the Institute of Economics of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan in online format by the ZOOM programme.
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