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Prerequisites for not succumbing to extremist views

In order to organize measures to prevent terrorism and extremism, on October 10, the Faculty of Social Sciences, 2nd year students of the specialty philosophy, organized by curator Akbota Ramanzharova, held an open curatorial hour «prerequisites for not succumbing to extremist views».
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Senior lecturer M.U. Issaeva held the curatorial hour «Terrorism is a threat to peaceful life»

September 29 this year in the 316th auditorium of the Faculty of Social Sciences, students of educational group B039-3104-23-01, senior teacher of the Department of Philosophy, L.N. Gumilyov ENU, Ph.D., curator of the 1st year M.U. Issaeva in order to foster patriotism, a deep understanding of the negativity of terrorism, comprehending the causes and consequences of the spread, as well as avoiding a negative path, organized a meeting within the framework of a curatorial hour on the topic «Terrorism as a threat for our life».
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