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Terrorism and Extremism

On September 26th, a curatorial hour on the topics of "Terrorism" and "Extremism" was held for second-year students at the Department of Physical Education and Sports. It was organized by senior lecturers of the Department of Physical Education and Sports, including Bazarbayeva B.E., Mergaliev M.M., and Malkei A., as well as Rahimzhan Temirkhanuly, a senior lecturer from the Department of Religious Studies, who delivered and presented the report.
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Labor Day Marathon

On September 28, in the rowing canal, first-year students of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports, together with curators Alikey A, Abilbaev A.S. and Tasmagambetov S.S., held a marathon race dedicated to Labor Day. The race distance for boys is 3 km and girls is 2 km.
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