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On the next meeting of the СWG on the reintegration and protection of children returned from conflict zones

June 09, 2022 in the city of Uralsk within the framework of the joint program of UNICEF, UN Women and the European Union in the Republic of Kazakhstan "EU-UN support to the states of Central Asia for their citizens who returned from conflict zones, primarily from Syria and Iraq - Component 1" the 2nd meeting of the Coordinating Working Group (CWG) was held, where, on behalf of the head of the National Center for Resource Groups on Education, Psychosocial Support and Mental Health for Children and Families in Difficult Life Situations, on the basis of NAO «Eurasian National University L.N. Gumilyov» (hereinafter referred to as the Center) A.S. Mambetalina was presented by G.Kh. Ganiyeva, Ph.D., expert of the Center.
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Training within the framework of the summer holiday "Kultegin school"

In accordance with the instructions of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Togzhanov E.L. within the framework of the summer holiday "Kultegin school", dedicated to the implementation of activities within the framework of the "Year of Children", on June 8, 2022, Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology Ryskulova Madina Mukhametalievna and undergraduates: Akhilbekova Akerkesh, Sharipova Mayra, Galimova Valeria conducted a training at the Lyceum school No. 38.
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