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Participation of T.T. Aimukhambetov, senior lecturer of the Religious Studies Department at the round table on the topic: "Smagul Saduakasuly - a well-known public figure and enlightener"

June 11, 2021 as a student senior lecturer of the Department of Religious Studies Timur Talgatovich Aimukhambetov participated in a roundtable on the theme: "Smagul Saduakasuly - a famous public figure and educator. This round table was held at the Institute of History and Ethnology named after Chokan Valikhanov of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan in online format through the ZOOM program.
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Participation of the senior lecturer of the department of religious studies Aimukhambetov T.T. at the conference on "Modern information technologies and computer modeling of systems"

June 08, 2021 as a participant senior lecturer of the Department of Religious Studies Aimukhambetov Timur Talgatovich took part in the conference on "Modern information technology and computer modeling systems". This conference was held at the Kyzyl-Orda State University named after Korkyt Ata in online format on the program ZOOM.
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