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Culturologists at the Forte Kulanshi Art Space

A culturologist can become a professional if he is actively involved in the cultural life of the country. Studying at the capital's university makes it possible to combine theory and practice, conduct research at various art sites and other public spaces.
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Recognition of young scientists from Faculty of Social Sciences in psychological and pedagogical science

At the end of 2021, the laureate of the Y. Altynsarin for the best scientific research in the field of pedagogical science was the team of authors of L.N. Gumilyov. such a prestigious Prize was awarded based on the results of the scientific project "Greening the university education system as an innovative way to modernize the spiritual consciousness of students." The members of the group are G.K., Ph.D. Professor Bulatbayeva K.N., Ph.D. Rakhimzhanova M.M. Doctor of Philosophy PhD Abenova S.U., Master Akimish D.E.
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