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Online lecture by N.A. Nazarbayev’s, analyst of NJSC "Center N.A. Nazarbayev’s on development of interconfessional and Intercivilization dialogue". Oryntay A.O.

On May 26 within the framework of industrial practice among the students of 2-3 courses of the Department of Religion Studies was held an online lecture by the analyst of the Department of Religious Disciplines of the Institute for the Study of the Religious Situation and Religious Expertise of N. A. Nazarbayev's Center for the Development of Interfaith and Intercivilization Dialogue NJSC Oryntay Ayan Orazbayuly.
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Joint session of the Public Council of the basic organization of the CIS member States on environmental education

On May 22, a joint online session of the Public Council of the CIS Basic Organization for Environmental Education was held in Minsk. The joint session was coordinated by the International Sakharov Environmental Institute of Belarusian State University (hereinafter - the Council). Theme of the session: “Discussion of the interim results of the implementation of the Public Council Action Plan for 2020”.
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