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A team of students of the faculty of social Sciences took the second place

A team of students of the faculty of social Sciences "elorda zhastary" took the II prize in the student competition "Jas Colin" within the framework of IV Republican student festival "sender elimnin Tiregi". The faculty of social Sciences congratulates the team leader of the senior lecturer of the Department of sociology, PhD Asel Alimahanovna Isahanova and members of the team "Elorda zhastary"!
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X Republican student subject Olympiad

On April 12-13 in Almaty city on the basis of the Kazakh academies of sport and tourism the X Republican student subject Olympiad on the theory and methods of physical culture and sports was held. In a stubborn struggle among 12 teams of participants, students of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Eurasian National University took 3 prizes in team and individual competitions.
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Day of Scientists

The student of 2nd course, faculty of social sciences, profession of religious studies Kuatov Arulan was awarded with the diploma of the I degree of the XIII International scientific conference of students and young scientists "Science and education – 2018" on sections "modernization of public consciousness: philosophical and cultural and religious aspects". Conference carried out within "Day of Scientists" on 12 April. Report subject: "A religion role in National liberation in fight of Alash figures ".
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