Department of Psychology

The Psychology Department was opened at the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, which was formed by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev dated May 23, 1996 based on the merger of two universities - the Tselinograd Civil Engineering Institute and the Tselinograd Pedagogical Institute. At the origins of the Psychology Department were the head of the Psychology Department, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences A. B. Intykbayeva, Vice-rector, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ismailov A.D.-graduate of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, student of the famous scientist, Academician V. V. Davydov, Agiyants E. V., as well as teachers Tyurin M. S.-graduate of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Ivanova N. V.-graduate of Leningrad State University, Stativkin V. V., Shatalova O. V., Isabekova A. K., Aitysheva A.M., Minakova A. B., Bekeeva G. S., Karibayeva G. M.

In 1999, in order to enlarge the department, the psychology department was merged with the department of pedagogy. And since May 2003, by the decision of the Academic Council of L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian University, the Psychology Department was again created and the head, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Tynyshbayeva A.A. was appointed. The department included the teachers Aikinbaeva G.K., Abeldinov Zh.A., Karibayeva G.M., Nurmakhambetov A.L., Uruzbayeva G.T., Mukhambetova K.A., Zakaryanova Sh.N., Bekeeva G.S. ., Turmanova Zh.E., Abilkhanova E.N., Kambarkyzy A., Bersebayeva A.T., Asanova G.E., Kunanbayeva A.Zh., Akymbek G.Sh., Sailinova K., Zholshybekova R.O. The development of the department was facilitated by such scientists as Doctor of Psychological sciences, Professor Zhakypov S.M., Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor Hamzin B.M., Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Professor Shaukenova Z.K., Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor Kalashnikova N .P., Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Dean of the Pedagogical Faculty Zhanadilov Sh.Zh., Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Maul Ya.Ya. The department was replenished with candidates of sciences - Ryskulova M.M., Nuradinov A.S. - graduate of Leningrad State University, Aitysheva A.M., Zhakenova G.A., doctor PhD - Yesimova D.G., masters of psychology Suleimenova G.T., Dosmurzaeva D.O., Isakhova G., Gitikhmaeva L.M., Manasbaeva A.

In September 2012, the Psychology Department was headed by doctor Ph.D in psychology, Dzhumageldinov A.N., author of scientific articles in Russian, French and English. He brilliantly defended his dissertation in French on Kazakhstani problems of ethnopsychology and interethnic relations at the Lumiere Lyon 2 University in France. During his leadership, the work was carried out to improve the quality of the department. So, Doctor of Psychological Sciences Yermentayeva A.R., Candidates of Psychological Sciences Bekova Zh.K., Mandykaeva A.R., Doctor PhD Saginov K.M. were invited to the department.

In 2013, in order to optimize, the Psychology Department was merged with the Department of Social Pedagogy and Self-knowledge, where the training of psychologists, educational psychologists, social teachers was carried out until May 2020.

By the decision of the Academic Council of L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University in May 2020, it was decided to open the Psychology Department independently, under the leadership of the candidate of psychological sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation, Mambetalina A.S. The training of psychologists is carried out by scientists-psychologists known throughout Kazakhstan: Doctor of Psychological sciences, Professor Yermentayeva A.R., associate professors, candidates of psychological sciences Nuradinov A.S., Karibayeva G.M., Aitysheva A.M., Bayzhumanova B.Sh. ., Aubakirova Zh.K., Mandykayeva A.R., Valieva A.B, Tokatlygil Yu.S., candidates of pedagogical sciences, associate professors Aikinbayeva G.K., Ryskulova M.M., Sakenov D.Zh., PhD Isakhanova A.A., Abenova S.U., masters of psychology Akymbek G.Sh., Kunanbayeva A.Zh., Umirzakova A.M., Utemisova G.U. Every year, practitioners from various branches of psychology are invited to the department. So, in the 2020-2021 academic year, psychologists are trained by Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor, Colonel Bokenchina M.K., Doctor PhD, senior officer-psychologist of the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan A.P. Aksenov and others.

Leading teachers of the department are holders of the grant "The best teacher of the university", holders of state scholarships for contributions to science and technology, "Talented young scientist". The teachers were awarded with diplomas of the Minister of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, of Nur-Sultan city akim, the rector of the university, marked with letters of thanks from various government agencies for the assistance provided in the implementation of the tasks assigned to the psychologists of the university. The teaching staff of the department are annually published in foreign journals in Web of Science and Scopus, in domestic scientific journals, they are members of the editorial boards of scientific journals of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and foreign journals. Annually, the department's scientists take part in international psychological congresses, symposia, conferences, forums, round tables and scientific seminars.

Teaching staff of the department carries out the research activities and practical work in various industries: psychology of personal health, HR-personnel management, forensic psychological and medical-psychological examination, socio-psychological training and business training. Our scientists participate in grant funding projects for scientific projects of fundamental and applied scientific research in priority areas of science development. With the participation of the teaching staff of the department, projects for the prevention of terrorism and religious extremism in the Republic of Kazakhstan were realized. They develop and implement social programs for the population, conduct social and psychological research on the order of state bodies and international funds (Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, UN, ILO, UNICEF). They take advanced training courses at leading universities in the world and Kazakhstan.


Today, the faculty of the Psychology Department trains psychologists at three levels. In accordance with the educational program 6В03103 - Psychology, bachelor psychologists are being trained with the skills to provide psychological assistance in all spheres of human life and activities. Along with bachelors, the teaching staff of the department prepares masters in the educational program 7M03103-Psychology, capable of independent research and practical activities of a psychologist who has the skills to solve professional problems in various spheres of life. In 2020, for the first time, six doctoral psychologists entered the educational program 8D03103 - Psychology to train personnel in the field of scientific and managerial psychology.

From the moment of obtaining an independent status, the work has been actively carried out to expand cooperation with business partners and memorandums have been signed with the "Union of Kazakhstani Psychologists", "Professional Psychological League", NGO "Association of Kazakhstan Aielderi", LLP "Center for psychological support for university development" Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University,  LLP "Center of Psychology "Kasiet ", LLP "Psychological Center Keleshek ", LLP" Amanat Rahab Nur-Sultan "and others.

Over the entire period of the department's existence, hundreds of highly qualified psychologists have been released to the labor market of Kazakhstan, providing high-quality psychological services in all spheres of activity, and a professional community has been formed of graduates-psychologists of bachelor's and master's degrees.

Students and undergraduates of the educational program "Psychology" annually participate in the academic mobility program: Humboldt State University, Arсata, (USA), Warsaw University, Warsaw (Poland), Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania, University of Ljubljana Slovenia, Dostoevsky Omsk State University.


Throughout the entire period of the educational program, our pride, students and undergraduates, have repeatedly become prize-winners and winners of national and international Olympiads, competitions and have been awarded diplomas and medals. They actively take part in scientific and practical international conferences, in such universities as Lomonosov Moscow State University, RUDN (Moscow), Al-Farabi KazNU, Abai KazNPU, are published in journals recommended by the CCSES MES RK, RSCI RF and other publications.

Undergraduate psychology students annually undergo scientific training in foreign and domestic universities: Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria, Lyon University, France, St. Petersburg State University, Russia, the Scandinavian Institute of Academic Mobility (Finland, Seinajoki), Al-Farabi KazNU and others.


Department graduates work in all parts of Kazakhstan. Our psychologists are in the power structures of the state (National Security Committee, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs), in educational institutions (MES RK, I. Altynsarin National Academy of Education, Committee for the Protection of Children's Rights of the Ministry of Education and Science of RK, International schools: private British international school Haileybury, NIS, colleges, schools in Nur-Sultan and the Republic, children's educational institutions), health care institutions (hospitals in Nur-Sultan, Children's Medical Psychoneurological Institution, Center for Maternity and Childhood, rehabilitation centers), state enterprises, institutions and companies (Nur-Sultan city  akim administration), national companies such as JSC “NC“ KazakhstanTemir Zholy ”, National Olympic Committee RK and many others.


The psychological science of independent Kazakhstan in the 21st century is at the origins of its formation and development. Despite this, we all saw the need and demand for highly qualified psychologists during a series of crisis events that are taking place in our state and in the world. Our specialists were actively involved in assisting the victims of the explosions in the city of Arys, during the floods in the Turkestan region, in the realization of the operation "Zhusan" for the return and rehabilitation of 595 Kazakhstanis to their homeland from Syria. During the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic crisis, throughout the entire period, all psychologists joined in the formation of a psychologically stable personality capable of avoiding stressful situations and defeating the disease.

On the eve of the 25th anniversary of LN Gumilyov Eurasian National University, the Psychology Department invites all psychologists and students of psychology to unite and take an active part in the international conference "New living conditions in a situation of searching for the existence meaning of a personality of the XXI century."