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The sources of the university-wide Department of Physical Education and Sports of the Pedagogical Institute has its origins since 1962. The department is one of the oldest and leading departments of physical education in higher educational institutions. Among the educational departments of ENU named after L.N. Gumilyov, the Department of Physical Education and Sports occupies a special position, as interdepartmental, and also issues of bachelors of the specialty 5V010800- "Physical education and sports" and master’s students of the specialty 6М010800-"Physical education and sports".

The aim of which is to prepare competitive specialists in the field of physical education and sports, having the theoretical knowledge and practical, research skills.

 The purpose of discipline "Physical education" is to master the system of knowledge, practical skills, providing physical improvement, health promotion, and training of highly professional and creativity of students. Studying is conducted on the credit system of education based on the "Model Regulations of educational organizations that implement the educational program of higher professional education." The structure and content of the educational process of physical education is fully consistent with state educational standards and approved RUE-s of the University. The planning studying documents of the department are developed according to credit technology of studying requirements and the model curriculum. At present time, 46 full-time teachers work at the department of physical education, including 1 Ph.D., Professor, PhD 9, 9 associate professors, 20 senior teachers and 7 teachers.The first head of the department was Ruchko V.A., one of the first PhD in the field of sport. In June, 1976 at Tselinograd Pedagogical Institute was opened a branch of physical education. The first set was of 50 people. In the same year the department "Theoretical Foundations of PE," it was headed by Candidate of Medical Sciences Kachanov L.N. Due to increased contingent in 1978 there was opened “Sports department”, the first head was Kononov V.S.. In 1979, the department was reorganized into the Department of Physical Education, and from November 1979 the post of Dean of the Faculty was established. The first dean of the faculty became Ph.D. Bratel I.N.. In 1980, the department was charge of Ageeva S.R.. Since December 1982 as dean worked Kachanov L.N.  educational work was headed by Romanenko N.M.. Due to closing of the Faculty of Physical Education in 1993, the department was headed by PhD, football coach V.D. Filipenko The first chairman of the Sports Club CSIP was Telegin Y.P. After sports and mass work  continued Shahray V.V.. Since 1976, the sports club was headed by S.N. Gushchin. ENU named after L.N. Gumilyov was formed in 1996, general university department was gathered by combining departments Tselinograd Civil Engineering Institute (CNNIC) and the Pedagogical Institute. The first head of the department of ENU named L.N. Gumilyov was elected Associate Professor Sidorov V.I. In 1998, the department "FCIC" was headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor Tashkeyev D.S., in 2002 - Ph.D., Associate Professor E.B. Omarov. Head of the Department "Physical Education" became the honored coach of Kazakhstan, PhD in 2003 Ordabayev N.O.. Beisekeyev A.O., numerous prize-winner of the RK, boxing coach,  was head of Sports Club  from 2003 to 2011.  Since 2012, the work was headed by Uranhayev A.T.  - football founder of football club "Yelimai".

In September 2008 there was an amalgamation of the department of "Physical Education and Sport" and the department "Physical Education". Zhumadilhanov A.A., associate professor, Ph.D., was appointed as a head of the department.

Since 2014 head of the department was appointed PhD Marchibayeva U.S.

From 2014 to 2017 the head of the department was the candidate Marchibaeva U.S. In 2015 the department was renamed as the Department of Physical training and Sports.

Since 2017, the head of the department is PhD Toktarbayev D.G.-S.


Over the years, the University trained the participants of the Olympic Games - 5 people, world champions of Europe and Asia -. 26 people, the RK champions - 37 persons.