Faculty development strategy


The strategic directions of the development of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the L. N. Gumilyov ENU for 2021-2025 are developed on the basis of the mission and vision of the L. N. Gumilyov ENU in accordance with the program documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of education and science on the basis of the continuity of the strategic documents of the L. N. Gumilyov ENU, taking into account the priorities and global trends in the development of higher education. The constituent directions of the faculty's development are:

 1. Expansion of scientific and international relations with foreign universities for the preparation of undergraduates and doctoral students;

 2. Support and development of educational programs in English in the process of training specialists, contributing to the expansion of the range of their professional and functional competencies;

 3. Accreditation, internationalization and promotion of educational programs in the specializations of professional training;

 4. Opening of new educational programs supported by certifying documents (Bachelor's degree in Islamic Studies; Master's degree in Preschool Education and Training, Crisis Psychology);

 5. Stimulating the activities and improving the effectiveness of employees ' activities through the KPI system in accordance with their positions; updating the system of requirements for competitive selection of teaching staff, taking into account an innovative approach to educational activities, systematic participation in research work, publications in leading domestic and foreign publications.


The development strategy of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the  L.N. Gumilev  ENU