Department of Religious Studies

The Department of Religious Studies was established by separation from the Department of Philosophy by the decision of the Academic Council on 26 December 2012. The teaching staff of the Department consists of 13 people. There are 3 doctors of science 2 PhDs, 3 candidate of science and 5 Masters in the department. The Head of the Department since 2021 is Smagulov Murat Nurmuhambetovich, PhD, Senior Lecturer.

Teachers of the department are actively involved in national and international research programmes and projects, both in religious studies and interdisciplinary areas. Among such projects the successful results of the following projects have been completed and presented: "Dissemination of non-traditional confessions in the youth environment in the Republic of Kazakhstan", in which the teachers of the Department Kamarova R.I., Shapoval Y.V. took part, "Comparative study of European religious traditions" - Shapoval Y.V.

The experienced teachers Kabylova A.S., Shapoval Y.V., Tyshkhan K., Tomash G.S., Zhakiyanov T.J., Malgaraeva Z.B., Alimkulova S.B., who pass their knowledge to students and help in their professional development to young colleagues Kalemshariv Balzhan, Aimukhambetov T. T., Kayrbekov N.E., and Qaliev K. Қ.

Training of undergraduate students is carried out since 2002, Master courses since 2007 and PhD courses since 2019.

Today 60 bachelor students, 21 master students and 11 PhD students study at the department. 

 Graduates of the department work in various fields, most of them in their specialty, so specialists of this direction are in demand in the following organizations: the Committee on Religious Affairs of the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, LLP "Center for the Study of Religious Affairs Akimat Nur-Sultan", NAO "Center Nazarbayev to develop interfaith and inter-civilization dialogue," PE "Center for Expert Studies", PF "Law" and city and regional administrations, as well as many graduates teach in high school 


Students and undergraduates studying at the department participate in the research work of the department, publishing articles in Kazakhstani and foreign scientific journals, participating with the published reports at national and international scientific conferences, seminars, etc. 

In addition, students of religious studies have repeatedly been winners of the Republican Olympiad in Religious Studies and Theology.  In particular, in 2021 at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, the team of the department took 1st place and our students Zharylkasyn Dauletseid (1st degree diploma) and Nauryz Gaynizhamal(3rd degree diploma) took prizes. 

Also in 2019, a 2nd year student of the Religious Studies Department Nauryz Gainizhamal took 1st place in the V International Youth Legal Competition on the theme "Human Rights and Transnational Security Threats". The competition was held at the Kazakh University of Humanities and Law named after M.S. Narikbayev. 

In 2011 the students of the department opened the club of religious researchers "Pyramid". It is known for its active activities, which contributed to some popularization of the specialty at the university, city level, as well as activation of students' activities within their chosen specialty.