Scientific projects

The participation of scientists of University in Republican and international competitions of grants, research and other development projects

At the Department of sociology implemented an international project "Strengthening of educational programs for specialty "Social work", in which participate: Bajgabylov N. About., Yessimov D. G., Salyanov R. S., Dementieva D. O., Kulabekov M. M., A. E. Manipulowa

1. Professor R. Emanguzi participates in the project of the Astana akimat of the "Holy of Kazakhstan"

2. Garifolla ESIM "Mangilik El" ulttyk ideasin leumit-Rouhani, cultural-renatls negadir

3. K. A. medeuova "Actual practice of memory: the conceptualization of the past and the construction of identity in modern culture of Kazakhstan"

4. Abdildin Zh. M the Logic of scientific ideas and its implementation

5. Alpeisova G. T. the Phenomenon of national identity in the context of musical and poetic art of the Kazakh people, the Department of religious studies

6. Muminov A. K. Historical documents of the mausoleum of H. A. Yassavi

7. Nurmanbetova D. N. Ethno-cultural centers of Assembly of people of Kazakhstan: interaction of ethnic and religious in a secular society.

8. Professor Izbairov A. K. participated in the international research project "Islam and Muslim youth in the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus" driven Eurasian Regional Center of the Youth Forum of the organization of Islamic Cooperation for Dialogue and Cooperation (Baku) Yelchin Askerov (Azerbaijan), Avachev Shukhrat (Uzbekistan), Sadat Olimov (Tajikistan), Muradilov (Kyrgyzstan) Chair of social pedagogics and self-knowledge

9. Abdykhalykova J. E. Academic support of students in conditions of credit technology of education on the basis of international experience (USA, England)

10. T. A. M. P. Scientific and methodological basis for the use of innovative technologies for training specialists working with orphans