On March 28, the XI Republican Student Subject Olympiad on Religious Studies was held at the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

Teams from all over Kazakhstan arrived at this university to come together in an intellectual battle and bring out the best of the best.

ENU students of the specialty "Religious Studies" of the Faculty of Social Sciences Iskakova Madina (3rd year), Erzhanova Aruzhan (3rd year), Erdenbayev Maksat (3rd year) took the third place in the Republican student subject Olympiad in team championship. According to the results of the intellectual quiz within the framework of the Republican student subject Olympiad, Kamila Bastiimieva (3rd year) took the third place. The head of the Olympiad team as a whole is the teachers of the Department of Religious Studies Oryntai Ayan, Aimukhambetov Timur, Bekmaganbetova Madina.

 Note that last year our university was the host of the X Subject Olympiad on Religious Studies.