Meeting with religious scholars

On February 25, 2022, at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the L.N. Gumilyov ENU, a meeting was held on the topic "Formation of immunity against destructive religious ideology" with students of the specialties "Social Pedagogy and self-knowledge", "Preschool education and training". The meeting was attended by: Deputy Director of the Center for Religious Studies Zh. Suleimenov, Head of the department of this center A. Yernazarov and Chief Specialist of the Department of Jastar, theologian M. Daribay. The event was organized by the curators of the Department of "Social Pedagogy and Self-knowledge" Baimenova B.S., Sharipova O.B., Akhtanova S.K. and Deputy Dean for Educational Work of the Faculty of Social Sciences Aikynbayeva G.K. During the meeting, Deputy Director of the Center for the Study of Religions Zh. Suleimenov gave information that various religious and extremist movements use religion for other destructive purposes.