Meeting with parents of applicants

Career guidance work at the Department of Physical Culture and Sports takes a significant place. It is organized and conducted within the framework of ensuring the continuity of educational levels, to attract applicants to the educational programs "6В01408 - Physical Culture and Sports" and "6В01408 - Football Coach".

Within the framework of vocational guidance work, senior teacher Belkovich V.N., on February 28, 2021, a meeting was organized and held with the parents of graduates of the sports school №8. The meeting was held in the conference hall of the stadium. H. Munaitpasov in compliance with all sanitary standards and requirements.

The meeting discussed such issues as: preparation for the UNT (history of Kazakhstan, reading literacy); how to get the preemptive right (achievements in the Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan 2019; 2020; 2021); creative exams in two scenarios, namely with personal participation and attendance at exams, distance exams. Based on the results of the meeting, it was decided to hold a repeat meeting in April 2021.