Meeting with employers " Hard work and professionalism in the profession – the key to stability and well-being»

 Employment of young people remains a priority of the state policy. Now, in addition to the adopted state programs, the universities of the country will be responsible for the competitiveness of their graduates. This particular task was set by the Head of state, focusing on this problem in the Message to the people of Kazakhstan on  October the 5th, 2018 "the growth of welfare of Kazakhstan: improving   income and quality of   life", pointing out that "the main criteria for assessing the success of the University is the employment of graduates in high – paying jobs after graduation ".

        The Department of physical culture and sports is actively working to solve the problems of employment of graduates. In this regard, a meeting of employers and graduates of the specialty "physical culture and sport" was organized on November 28, 2018. Senior lecturer         Moiseyevа N.A. invited to meet representatives of the fitness club "WINOX" and KSU “SDYUSSHOR”№3. Senior teachers  Belkovich V. N., Trubitskaya L. A., Protsyuk O. A. prepared an exhibition of achievements of graduates and students of the Department.

       Live communication with employers gave a lot of new emotions. The issues discussed at the  meeting aroused active interest among  the students, they shared their views and asked a various types of  questions.  During such meetings with employers graduates have the opportunity to expand their horizons and use their knowledge in the future.