Setting conferences for students of the 4th year of production and pre-diploma practice religious studies 07.12.2019

On December 07, 2019, a kick-off conference was held for students of the 4th year of the Department of Religious Studies on industrial and pre-diploma practice.  

              The acting head of the department Aimukhambetov T.T. made a speech at the meeting, who noted that the practice is a component of the educational process and is held in order to develop practical skills. The internship is held separately from the educational process. The main task of the students is to master the skills of working in organizations to implement practical skills. General management and control of the internship is carried out by the following managers: Alimkulova S.B. - DT-41, Aimukhambetov T.T. - RL-42. General management of the pre-diploma internship is carried out by the heads of diploma projects.

S.B. Alimkulova and T.T. Aimukhambetov, the Production Practice Leaders, presented the content of production and pre-graduate practice. During the internship the students are obliged to get acquainted with the activities of the organization where the students are practicing, to use the potential of the base for the preparation of the practical part of the diploma project.