Educational and methodical gathering of psychologists

       In the framework of cooperation with the professors and the teaching staff  of the social pedagogy and self-knowledge faculty and the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an educational and methodological gathering of psychologists was passed  in our university. Freelance psychologists took part in the work with the involvement of deputy company commanders by educational social and legal work of the Akmola garrison and teachers-psychologists of the ENU L. Gumilyov, as well as students and undergraduates of specialty “Psychology”. During the gathering, the following topics were considered: psychological assistance in extreme situations, systemic therapy of family conflicts, fundamentals of conflictology, prevention of suicidal behavior, etc. The teachers of the department and the psychologists of military units shared their experiences, and showed the performances of psychologist’s work with the military. At the end of the meeting, the participants received the certificates and the letters of thanks were given to the rector of the university, the dean of the faculty, the professors and the teaching staff of the department.