Participation of the teaching staff of the Department of Religious Studies in the international conference

January 20, 2022, Professor of the Department of Religious Studies at L.Gumilyov ENU Kabylova Aina Sagatbekovna and PhD docent Kairbekov Nurlan Evfratovich participated in the international conference: "Criticism and study of the ideas of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi based on his essay "Divani Hikmat".The conference was attended by scientists and professors from Iran and Central Asian countries. Mostly there were professors of the Iranian International University named after al-Mustafa, who spoke on the topic of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. 

Along with this, Kabylova Aina Sagatbekovna spoke with the theme: "Spiritual path in Sufism" and Kairbekov Nurlan with the theme: "The emergence and formation of Sufi ideas and practices: "The Zuhd of Islam".After the presentation of the reports, there were interesting discussions where scientists from different countries asked each other questions and conducted their discussions.