50 students of the specialty "Preschool education and training"of  L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University named after who have got grants of Nur-Sultan city  works closely with kindergartens. Students are regularly invited to participate in various city events held in conjunction with employers.

Proof of this is the master class : "Secret Secrets of Art", which we visited on 14th February 2020.

The head of the kindergarten, Asel Adilbaevna, gave an introductory speech, methodologists Kuralay Saparovna Kuandykova , Kaliya Esirkepovna Alimanova  spoke in detail about creative thinking in the direction of "Art and Aesthetic Education". Guests invited to the master class: professor of ENU F.N.Zhumabekova , head of the education department  L.M.Razbekova , Head of Education Modernization Department A.N. Nugman and others. The event was also attended by the heads and educators of several kindergartens of the city, as well as students of ENU.

The head of the dance group Nazgul Zhumabaevna Karimova  held a conversation on the topic: “Dance is the secret language of the human soul”, as well as the ballet “Swan Lake” from the trainer and children, their first dance steps performed by the elder group, who wanted to understand the subtleties of fine art and sensuality were very impressive.

Students and young professionals painted on the theme “Beauty on the water Surface,” when they received incredible inspiration. Specialist Karimova Elvira Saparbaevna, who worked in this area for many years, spoke about the art of Ebru, revealed the facets of painting on the surface of the water, and demonstrated painting techniques on “tile” and “glass”.

In addition, everyone who attended this event was presented with a number of other interesting activities: origami, 3D drawing, secrets of playing on stage, playing national musical instruments.

Students attending each kindergarten traditionally contribute not only as students, but also in order to build their professional skills, in practice they demonstrate the knowledge gained.

It was important to demonstrate the modern model of the ornament, explain the ways of its use when working with children, and also demonstrate the methods of creating the ornament according to the scheme.

In the final speech, experts noted that this training seminar contributed to the development of true art, colorful and elegant beauty, ethical education and artistic taste.