Solidarity! Friendship! Unity!

On the eve of May 1-the Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan, 1st year students of the Psychology Department organized an open educational hour on the topic "Solidarity! Friendship! Unity!". President of the country Kassym-Jomart Tokayev noted that "This holiday is very dear to every person living in our Holy Land. The representative of all ethnic groups in a sovereign country is a single Kazakh people. We have achieved great success thanks to friendship and cooperation, peace and stability." Currently, more than 130 nationalities live in the vast expanses of the Kazakh steppe. Therefore, May 1 is the Day of Unity of the People. During the event, students glorified the traditions and customs of different nationalities, read poems, sang songs, and showed wonderful scenes. The organizers of the event were Candidate of Psychological Sciences Mandykaeva A. R., as well as the head of the department Mambetalina A. S., associate professor Aikynbayeva G. K., acting professors Aubakirova Zh. K., Yerbolova Sh. participating in the open educational hour, they expressed their warm wishes to the students.