Seminar 'The role of the teacher in the context of the updated content of education'

Innovations in the education system are accompanied by significant changes in pedagogical theory and practice. At the department of social pedagogy and self-knowledge of the ENU named after LN Gumilev, a seminar was held on teachers' professional development in the context of 'updating the content of education'. The speaker of the seminar is the assistant to the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan M.Taukenova. The purpose of the seminar is to develop the competence of teachers in the context of updating the content of education. The listeners were undergraduate and postgraduate students specialising in 'Psychology', 'Pedagogy and Psychology', 'Social Pedagogy and Self-knowledge'. The issues of implementing educational content reforms in the Republic of Kazakhstan were discussed during the seminar. M.G.Taukenova shared her vision of the authorized body of the Republic of Kazakhstan through which arose the idea of reforming the educational content. The problems of each level of education were covered during the seminar. Issues concerning the formation of a new vision teachers and their role in the learning process were discussed in more detail. M.G.Taukenova shared with future teachers her vision on the following questions: how to make the school a place for SMART education, 'result-oriented education', how the teacher should prepare for the updated content of education, increase students' motivation, stimulate the development of moral and spiritual qualities of students, etc. Communication and information technology competencies and the competence of personal self-development are of particular interest for future teachers. In conclusion, the seminar participants noted that teachers, in the context of fulfilling their social duty to reform educational content, should prepare a creative, socially responsible, highly literate, and communicative graduate.психология/R245t2tHggARuLHs55cNanWbqrRl7jvkc6eyeLbU.jpeg