Republican student subject Olympiad on the group of educational programs "Training of teachers of physical culture"

In the period from 20.04. to 24.04.2022, the XIV Republican Student Subject Olympiad was held in Almaty in the group of educational programs 6B01408 (5B010800) – Training of teachers of physical culture in the discipline "Theory and methodology of physical culture".

            Students of 3-4 Kazakh and Russian kus groups of ЕP 6B01408 (5B010800) – Training of physical education teachers from 10 universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan took part in the Olympiad. A total of 54 students participated in the Olympiad.

            According to the results of the Olympiad, in the Intellectual round among students with the Kazakh language of instruction, Serikova Zarina (DSHS – 21) became the winner, Zulkhazhi Akhtanberdi (DSHS 41) won the 2nd place. In the "Scientific Project" tour, the team of L.N.Gumilyov ENU took the honorable 2nd place. The winners and prize-winners of the Olympiad were awarded with diplomas.

            All participants and group leaders – Kulanova K.K. and Moiseeva N.A. were presented with letters of thanks on behalf of the chairman of the organizing committee, President of KazAST, Professor Zariryanov K.K.