To the students of the educational programs " Preschool education and upbringing"," Pedagogy and psychology " ELIN SUIGEN, ELI SUIGEN – ELBASY " was spent a curatorial hour

The planned event was spent on 30.11.2020 from 18.00 to 19.00 hours at the Faculty of Social Sciences of  named after L. N. Gumilyov ENU, organized by associate professor of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Self-knowledge, candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, senior curator Akhtanova Saltanat Kobeibekovna and candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, associate professor Mutalieva Ardak Shagayevna.

Participants: teachers of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Self-knowledge, students of 1,2 courses of educational programs "Pedagogy and psychology", "Preschool education and upbringing". To spend the educational hour was chosen the platform Teams.

The 1st December is one of the most significant dates in the history of Kazakhstan's independence. Because 28 years ago, on this day, as a result of national elections, Nursultan Nazarbayev was elected the first president of a sovereign country. From that moment, the fate of the country was entrusted to the leader of the nation. It is a tradition in civilized countries to honor the people who laid the foundations of the country as a whole, to celebrate the day of their coming to power as a national holiday.

The purpose of the educational hour is to instill in the younger generation the love of the Motherland, the people, courage, citizenship, and a sense of patriotism based on the example of the life path of the head of State. Instill in the student a sense of love for the leader of the nation, foster respect.