Vocational guidance: Definition of adaptation and profession of adolescents

The department of "Social pedagogy and self-knowledge" of the faculty of social sciences belongs to the responsibility for the work in vocational guidance. Adolescents do not have enough knowledge about new professions, necessary professions in the conditions of the market or about the employment of specialists. It is very important to determine the vocational guidance of pupils at this age. Because, the results of the methodology are the basis for determining the learning goal, studying the direction of student self-development. The head of the branch of the department, acting professor N.P.Albytova, docent G.Aikynbayeva, master A.M. Omirzakova, conducted a series of techniques that determine vocational guidance with pupils of grades 8-9 school-lyceum  №48 and gave explanations of the inclinations to any profession. Discussed with the school psychologist Azimbaeva Zh.T. on the conduct of work on vocational guidance in close connection with the parents of students.