A republican scientific conference on the topic “Importance of choosing the right career path” was held at L.N. Gumilyov University on 17 May, 2021. The work of conference was organized within the content area of the department social pedagogy and self-knowledge in the field of career guidance. At conference, the head of the department, Professor Slambekova T.S made a welcoming speech. The moderator of this event was professor of the department social pedagogy and self-knowledge Sholpankulova G.K.

Teachers and pupils of 9-10th grades of A.Margulan school-lyceum №40, I.Zhansugurov school-lyceum №58, B.Maylin school-gymnasium №52 of Nur-sultan city, also teachers and pupils of schools, colleges and their parents from Akmola, Atyrau, Kyzylorda regions were actively engaged in online conference. The number of guests from different regions of Kazakhstan was about 75 people.  

The main idea was to reveal the ability of pupils and determine the professional field, where they could realize their potential. In return, teachers and graduates of our department shared with their experience in choosing profession, mentioned strengthening such kind of work with schoolchildren on a systematic base. For example, Musa Anizat Seydazymovna  - a vice principal on guidance counseling of Alkey Margulan school-lyceum №40; Bimendina Gaukhar Zholzhaksina – a teacher of computer skills at Ilyas Zhansugurov school-lyceum №58; Kurakbayeva Ainur Sabitovna – a teacher of physics of Nazarbayev Intellectual school of chemical-biology field of Kyzylorda city, Baytikbay Galiya – a teacher of physical education and self-knowledge of Koyandy secondary school №2 of Tselinograd district, Akmola region. The following pupils as Kabyken Moldir 10th grade, Beysenova Dayana 9th grade and Abulkhayr Tomiris 9th grade of Alkey Margulan school-lyceum №40 shared their views on the impact of today’s event on the future of their chosen profession.

A doctoral student of the 2nd course of educational programme 8D01823 - “Social pedagogy and self-knowledge” Sadykova A.K. noted the high potential of  teaching staff of the department in training specialists. All this will allow not only to get acquainted with the professions, but also to plan future successful career of youth.  

Professors of the department Dlymbetova G,K., Albytova N.P. and Sholpankulova G.K. drew the attention of pupils on conscious and free choice, professional opportunities and readiness for consulting assistance in choosing a teaching profession.

Master’s Degree student Dyisebayeva Zh.K. held a separate master class with pupils, where their talents, individual skills, phychophysiological characteristics and propensities for a particular profession were revealed. In general, the teachers of the department provided vocational guidance, provoked interest of graduates for teaching profession. In turn, for the impeccable information and technical support of the event we express special gratitude to Master’s Degree student D. Akymysh.