Career guidance work in the course of pedagogical practice

Professional orientation is a system of scientifically based measures aimed at preparing young people to choose a profession, taking into account the characteristics of the individual and the socio—economic situation on the labor market, to assist young people in professional self-determination and employment. It is implemented through the educational process, extracurricular and extracurricular work with students. On April 18, 2022, Associate Professor of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Self-knowledge S.K. Kozhaeva, as part of the pedagogical practice by students of the MB-25 group, conducted career guidance work at the International School of Nur-Sultan.

Students under the guidance of the head Kozhaeva S.K. held an event with schoolchildren - an intellectual game "What? Where? When?". Sanim Kozhaevna advised schoolchildren on educational programs of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Self-Knowledge and the Faculty of Social Sciences. At the end of the meeting, Associate Professor S.K. Kozhaeva distributed specially prepared materials on career guidance (booklets, the newspaper of the L. N. Gumilev ENU).