Problems of increasing digital literacy of university students

Within Science Week at the department of social pedagogy and self-knowledge of the Faculty of Social Sciences of L.N. Gumilyov ENU a number of events are held that highlight the most pressing issues of modern pedagogical science and education.

April 8, 2021 doctoral students of the 1st year of study of EP "Pedagogy and Psychology" conducted a scientific and methodological webinar for students and undergraduates of the department.

9 speakers from among doctoral students spoke on the topic "Problems of increasing digital literacy of university students", methodically revealing the main aspects of digitalization of education in the world and in the Republic of Kazakhstan in particular, as well as on the example of specific educational institutions.

More than 60 people attended this online webinar powered by Microsoft Teams, including the faculty of the department, doctoral students, undergraduates, and students of the EP "Pedagogy and Psychology".

Within the framework of this scientific webinar, the following directions of digitalization of education were considered:

1)     Digitalization in modern education - an overview

2)     Cyberbullying in the Internet space

3)     Human information security in the context of digitalization

4)     Improving the ICT competence of future teachers in the context of modern education

5)     How technology and media are changing education

6)     Distance learning: experience and opportunities

7)     Analysis of the direction of human capital development of the "Digital Kazakhstan" program.

8)     Formation of professional qualities of future educational psychologists in the context of distance learning.

9)     Metacognition in the digital educational environment

Following the event, a question and answer session was held, during which each participant of the event could get an answer to questions of interest on the problem of increasing digital literacy.

The Head of the Department, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor T.S. Slambekova, and the teaching staff of the department R.K. Toleubekova, K.K. Shalgynbayeva, P.B. Seitkazy, A.B. Abibulayeva, G.B. Zhukenova, Zh.E. Abdykhalykova, and others shared their comments and wishes and gave their recommendations to the doctoral students.

The team of doctoral students of 1st year of study of the EP "Pedagogy and Psychology" expresses its gratitude to the teaching staff of the department of social pedagogy and self-knowledge for the opportunity to continuously improve the level of their qualifications and exchange of experience thanks to such scientific events.