Presentation of the book "Social Psychology" in the framework of the project  "100 best textbooks of the world in the Kazakh language"

 In the Eurasian National University after L.N. Gumilyov, in the framework of the program article “Рухани Жаңғыру” in the direction of the humanities, the presentation of the translated book by the American authors David G. Myers and Jean Tuenge “Social Psychology” was held, which was translated by the authors of the Department of Social Pedagogics and Self- actualization, under the guidance of Professor, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences K.K. Shalgynbaeva.

The presentation was attended by translators of this textbook: Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor A.R. Ermentayeva, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor A.S. Nuradinov, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor B.Sh. Bayzhumanova, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, K.R. Kalkeeva, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor G.K. Aykynbayeva, candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor G.K. Sholpankulova, candidate of psychological sciences, Associate Professor A.M. Aytysheva, as well as Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences B.B. Kashkinbai, Head of the Department of Religious Studies, Candidate of  Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor K.Tyshkan, Head of the Educational and Methodological Department of the University A.B. Bayymbetova, deputy director of the Otrar Library Zh. B. Mamaeva. The event was attended by students, undergraduates and doctoral students of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

During the presentation, the scientific editor of the textbook “Social Psychology” and the translator of the eighth chapter, professor, doctor of pedagogical sciences K.K. Shalgynbayeva, which notes the winning moments of the translation into the Kazakh language. She noted that the translation took an active part of scientists with many years of pedagogical and psychological experience that during the translation process such well-known concepts in the field of social psychology such as “conformism” were discussed; famous theories like “aggression”; issues related to classical experiments, in particular, Solomon’s “ASH” experiment.

During the meeting, many new facts and patterns were touched upon, as well as problems and barriers arising in the translation process. In general, K.K. Shalgynbayeva noted that scientists in the process of work paid special attention to the correct translation of the scientific content of the text, as well as to the correct interpretation of some psychological terms, since in the content of the textbook they can have different meanings as a synonym in literature. 
It was noted that this textbook is of particular value, intended for use by students not only in the specialty psychology, but also by students of all other specialties.

During the presentation, the translators were asked a lot of questions, each of them, citing interesting questions, gave interesting facts.