RAO on the training of teachers to the formation of ecological culture

25-26 September 2018 on the basis of the Russian Academy of education (RAO, Moscow) took place the Plenum of the Scientific Council of the Institute of strategy of a development of education on the theme "Problems of training teachers to the formation of ecological culture as a result of environmental education and enlightenment". At the Plenum discussed the following areas of work:

model concepts of General environmental education and teacher training to the formation of ecological culture;

 - the status of training of teachers for the subject and the integrated variant of implementation of environmental education for sustainable development (AOR);

- direction of development of the innovative experience of training teachers to the formation of ecological culture;

- problems of the terminological apparatus EOR in the main and additional professional pedagogical education.

At the Plenum were more than 20 key lectures of the leading scientists of Moscow state University named after M. N. Lomonosov, RANH and GS, Moscow state pedagogical University, peoples' friendship University, Tver state University, Kemerovo state University, and other educational institutions of Chelyabinsk, Ryazan, Ulan-Ude, the Fund named after V. I. Vernadsky, held round tables, plenary discussions, workshops. Kontseptualnye ideas about training teachers to the formation of ecological culture was presented in the reports of famous scientists and practitioners in ecology and environmental education chair of the Scientific Council, academician A.N. Zakhlebnyi, Council members S.N. Glazachev, E.N. Dzyatkovskaya, Yu.N. Sayamov, L.N. Skalon, L.N. Khaludorova, T.V. Avguemanova etc.

Issues of discussion was the current practice of formation of ecological culture of youth, the problem of understanding in the educational environment of the purposes and meanings of environmental education in the context of international obligations as directions of modernization of education in conditions of transition to sustainable development for the period up to 2030. Also interventions focused on model concepts of teacher training to the formation of ecological culture, the status of preparedness of teachers to implement environmental education for sustainable development (AOR): the legal field, practice, training etc.

From the Eurasian national University L. N. Gumilev at this Plenum was attended by Professor of Department of social pedagogics and self-knowledge, Ph.D. G.K. Dlimbetova. Her presentation dealt with the topic "problems of development of ecological education, ecological thinking and spiritual awareness of the students". The content of the presentations included the main areas of work of the plenary and a research project in ENU L.N. Gumilev's "Greening higher education system as an innovative way of modernizing the spiritual consciousness of students". The report sounded the key idea of this project – as the greening of education in actual practice of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the systematization of the concepts of "greening education" and "environmental education", the conceptual provisions of relationship of environmental education and spiritual consciousness in all aspects of education.

The plenary provided an opportunity for scientists to exchange research results in the field of ecological and pedagogical education in school and University educational system. and chart the future in the solution of actual problems in this area.