Prospects of interaction between L.N.Gumilyov ENU Environmental Volunteering Club and Kindergarten No.24 "Aynalayyn"

Today, the most important task facing modern society is the continuous environmental education of the younger generation from pre-school age.

In this regard, a joint city seminar of the Faculty of Social Sciences of L.N. Gumilyov ENU and KGP nursery-kindergarten №24 "Aynalayyn" on " Environmental education in the new model of preschool education and training" was held. The main organizers were professor of the department of social pedagogy and self-knowledge of L.N. Gumilev ENU G.K.Dlimbetova, activists of environmental volunteers D.E. Akimish and D.A. Tabaran, methodologist of the Center of education modernization A.K. Sultangazina, director K.B. Makisheva from KGP kindergarten №24 "Aynalaiyn". 

During the event, an eco-cabinet was opened in this preschool and children aged 5-6 were accepted into the ranks of "Shymshyk" eco-volunteers.  The seminar was also attended by parents, teachers and First Deputy of the Amanat Party Branch in Nur-Sultan, Almaty district. I. V. Nesen

Volunteers of the ENU Eco-Club will continue to expand the development of environmental education among pre-school organizations and promote cooperation and partnership between them.