Familiarization to the process of passing the exam with proctoring system

On the third December, The Faculty of Social Sciences professors and teachers participated in the webinar “Familiarization to the process of passing the exam with proctoring system”, organized by The Department of Digital Development and Distance Learning. The webinar took place within the implementation of a new system for monitoring the distance exam – the proctoring system.

During the webinar, participants were introduced in detail to how the proctoring system works, the process and procedure for passing the exam, as well as the necessary technical requirements.

Proctoring is the process of digital monitoring and control of a distance exam.

The process of passing the exam with the proctoring system is carried out in three stages: 1) passing an exam (computer testing) by students; 2) Viewing video recordings when a cyberproctor detects a violation; 3) Meeting of the Commission where acts of violations are reviewed.