An open seminar on the subject "Theory and methodology of educational work"

An open seminar on the subject "Theory and methodology of educational work" was held in groups МБ-В3-10900 and МБ-В2-10900, that is among the specialties "Mathematics (education)" supervised by Ph.D., associate professor Kozhaуeva S.K., in the period between 15.03.2018 and 18.03.2018. Debates on the topic "Environmental problems in Kazakhstan" and "How the ecological process goes in ENU" were held in the Karl Popper format.

Purpose of the debate: 1. Education of the need for environmental norms and rules in the behavior of students. 2. Avoidance of irresponsible attitude towards the ambiance. 3. Formation of the ecological culture of students. 4. To make us think about the causes of environmental problems in our country and the ways to solve them. 5. Discussion of the Green University model.

Eventually, one of the key problems in the education of modern youth is environmental knowledge and upbringing. Make sure that the need to use the environmental data of the whole world and our country in the educational and upbringing process, as well as scientific information, is interlinked with deep knowledge, pedagogical skill, and high culture. In this regard, it is necessary to make it clear to students that integrating environmental issues and students with modern scientific environmental research is the basis for the ecologization of professional knowledge.

As a result, the teams "environmental volunteers" and "green country" were created.