Opening of the Decade of Science at the Department of Religious Studies

April 1, 2021 at 11 .00 at the Department of Religious Studies opening of the Decade of Science on the platform of Microsoft Teams was held. Professor of the Department of Religious Studies Shapoval Y.V. made an opening speech, noting that the priority of the department at the moment is to improve the quality of religious studies in modern Kazakhstan science, starting from undergraduate level. As part of the event, undergraduate students of the specialty "Religious Studies" presented their research projects prepared for the national competition. Amantayeva Karina, the 4th year student made a scientific report in the form of presentation on theme "Practice of wearing female Muslim clothes in contemporary Kazakhstan" (supervisor - professor Y. Shapoval), she shared the results of her research, highlighting the relevance, controversial aspects of the theme and the need for further research based on interdisciplinary approach. Mollakanagat Әbubakir, the 3rd year student of the speciality "Religious studies" presented a topical theme "Islam bioethics" (supervisor - professor Kabylova A.S.), having raised questions of health from the point of view of Islam, which in connection with pandemic gets new value. Kaldan Aigerim, 4th year student of "Religious Studies" specialty, presented her research work on "Historical continuity of Salafism and its perception in modern discourse" (scientific supervisor - Associate Professor Malgaraeva Z.B.), with an emphasis on the ideological origins of Salafism.

 The research papers presented aroused great interest, questions were asked and recommendations were made for students to adopt new methodological approaches and methods.