Report of the group meet hour, dedicated to the discussion of the "Codex of honor and student behavior" of the LN Gumilyov Eurasian National University

On February 16, at 12.00, senior lecturer of the Department of Religious Studies, curator Kalemshariv Balzhan held a meeting with the Dt-31 group on the topic "Codex of honor and student behavior" of our university on the Microsoft teams platform. The curatorial hour began with familiarization with the provisions of the codex, that is: with each point, purpose and with general rules and ethical standards. The presentation was used for clarity. After getting to know each other fully, the students asked their questions. Learned about their rights. Kalemshariv Balzhan conducted a quick survey on knowledge of general information about rights. As a result, it was realized that the students were sufficiently knowledgeable in this area.

This code was last mentioned in 2017 at a meeting of the administration. Vice-rector for socio-cultural development Dikhan Kamzabekuly proposed to adopt the «Code of honor and student conduct.»