Future Specialists Training

Regular participation of preschool students and training specialists of Eurasian National University named after LN Gumilov under the guidance of Ph.D., professor FN Zhumabekova in a selective thematic activity-event on a regular citywide basis in the second half of the day at leisure, except for the kindergartens, has become a tradition. This event will help students to experiment with their theoretical knowledge and practice their skills. This regular event was held on June 6, 2020 in the form of a sporting event called "Wonderful Winter - 2020" in the "Creative" cluster with parents and kindergarten "Samal". The head of the kindergarten Kairgalieva Balausa Toleugalievna opened the contest, sports instructor E. Zhumamuratov introduced the rules of the contest, and the participants immediately divided into three groups: "Ice Tau", "White Barys", "White City".

Students, together with parents, educators and teachers, perormed funny and exciting tasks, played relay race games such as skiing and sledding. Between the games, the graduate of this kindergarten Nurgali Aidan performed the song "Champion". The professor of the department of social pedagogics and self-knowledge, candidate of pedagogical sciences FN Zhumabekova made a closing speech and awarded the diplomas to the participants. The student team "Ice Mountain" took 1st place.

The competition provided students with an opportunity to learn from practitioners how to improve their health and lead a healthy lifestyle in the field of  "Health" education in accordance with the standard curriculum of preschool institutions. Also, a "Winter Garden" in the yard, an eco-trail, images of various snowflakes, games with a "bear-bear" and a "snow-leopard", exercises, music and dance moves  everything was very interesting. In addition, the hot baursaks, the sweet pilaf and the delicious tea made the participants very entertained.

From this event, the students realized the importance of promoting a healthy lifestyle, maintaining relationship with seniors, and working closely with parents. Students get to know parents, educators, mentors, and mentors who are good at maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Pre-school organizations contribute to the training of future professionals as competitive, communicative, creative, critical-thinking, creative, sought-after and team-oriented professionals.