Online meeting with students

On the 13th of this month, organized by the youth wing of the Faculty of Social Sciences "Zhas Otan", there was a meeting with the dean of the faculty Somzhurek Baubek Zhumashuly.

The event was attended by heads of departments, students of all specialties of the faculty, as well as activists.

During the meeting, the deputy dean for work with students Gulden Kanatovna Aikinbayeva, deputy dean for scientific work Aigul Zhanaevna Salieva answered the students' questions.

The meeting was organized by the chairman of the youth wing "Zhas Otan" of the Faculty of Social Sciences, 3rd year student of the specialty "Psychology" Akhtanov Dinmukhamet and advisor to the chairman, 3rd year student of "Preschool upbringing and education" Khizirkhan Ryzdyk.