Online orientation conference for 2-3 year students on work placements

 On the 06th of May 2022 was held orientation conference for students of 2-3 years of Religious Studies Department on industrial practice.  

 The responsible for the practice of Bachelor's degree at the Department Aimukhambetov T.T., who noted that the practice is an integral part of the educational process and is conducted in order to form practical skills. The practice is carried out with a break from the educational process. The main objectives of students are to master the skills of work in organizations to implement practical skills. The general management and the control for passing of industrial practice is carried out by supervisors: Alimkulova S.B. - PT-31, PT-21, Aimukhambetov T.T. - RL-32.  

  The supervisors of production practice Alimkulova S.B. and Aimukhambetov T.T. introduced the content of production practice. During the practice students have to get acquainted with the activities of the organization where students pass the practice.