Nauryz means ‘new day’

14 st of March, the day of the spring equinox. Academician Garifolla Yesim Head of the Department of Philosophy, in order to promote the celebration of Nauryz held a seminar 

Nauryz is a very important holiday for Kazakhs. It marks the beginning of a New Year. It is celebrated several days starting on the 21st of March, the day of the spring equinox.

 Nauryz means ‘new day’. It is celebrated in the Great Steppes from ancient times.

 Nauryz symbolizes goodness and wealth, happiness and love and a great friendship day since this holiday is common to many nations.

 During the Nauryz celebrations, past offences are forgiven and forgotten and everybody makes a wish to leave all bad and evil behind and get the renewal in the following New Year.

 During the Nauryz holiday, large and small cities, villages become festival centres, felt yurts – traditional nomad houses are erected in city centres and rich dastarkhan (table) is laid down in each of them.

 City squares get full of yurts, and many performances take place there. Here one can learn about the culture and lifestyle of nomads and find people wearing beautiful national costumes, listen to Kazakh songs and tunes of national musical instruments. At holiday exhibitions and fairs, traditional gifts and souvenirs are sold.

 Usually, young people gather around Altybakan - a kind of large national swing, colourfully decorated, near which songs are sung, and traditional games are played. During the Nauryz holiday, many famous stars give concerts in cities.