Scientific Seminar of the Department of Philosophy

On March 29, at the Department of Philosophy, a seminar "Contemporary French Philosophy: Guy Ernest Debord" was held. The speaker Associate Professor Dametken Tolgambaeva.

The speaker gave an overview of the book "Contemporary French Philosophy" by Vincent Decombe, winner of the Grand Prize of the French Academy for Philosophy. Then Tolgambaeva D. turned to the work and activities of Guy Ernest Debord, showing him as a person, philosopher, avant-garde artist, film director. Guy Debord is a founding member of the Situationist International (1957-1972), an international organization composed of avant-garde artists, intellectuals, political theorists.

The speaker considered the main ideas of Guy Debord's work "The Society of the Spectacle", published in 1967 and Commentaries on the Society of the Spectacle, written by the philosopher almost 20 years later, in 1988.

The speaker also presented other works of the author, in particular, "Pros and Cons of Cinematography", the collection "Situationists and New Forms of Action in Politics and Art. Articles and Declarations 1952-1985 ".

Tolgambaeva D.T. examined the cinematic work of Guy Debord in the context of avant-garde art, drawing the attention of the audience to the films “Hurlements tn faveur de Sade,“ La Société du spectacle ”. The speaker also presented The Game of War by Guy Ernest Deborah.

 At the end of the report, D. Tolgambaeva cited the opinion of the professor of literature Vincent Kaufmann (Switzerland) that Guy Debord had gradually become "public domain".

D. Tolgambaeva believes that Guy Debord's work has not lost its relevance today, his works can be included in courses on contemporary culture and society.

The report was discussed, questions were asked by the audience, teachers and students of the department took part.