Seminar Garifolla Esim "Ush Anyk" ("the Three truths") of Shakarim Kudaiberdiev.

23 Jan Otyrar library hosted a seminar for the teaching staff of the Department "Philosophy" . The seminar was conducted by doctor of philosophical Sciences, Professor, Academician of NAS RK, and head of the Department of philosophy Garifolla Esim.философия/F4r7dnuCnogSMoYoERtr2BxCYyDAbohP7UriX6mw.jpeg

Garifolla Esim in depth reveals a unique philosophical work of Shakarim "Ush Anyk" ("the Three truths"). The main feature of lyrical works of Shakarim in the fact that he is a thinker, a philosopher. Shakarim in the Kazakh poetry has created a previously unknown types of philosophical lyrics, has made large discoveries in this region. Shakarim Kudaibergenov has left a lot of reflection and philosophical opinions about the nature, society, and people.


In the work "Ush Anyk" ("the Three truths"), developed the original concept of human existence. In harmony and prosperity of society Shakarim see the path to Morality, to Humanity, to the Conscience with a capital letter: "the Basis for a good human life should be honest labor, a conscientious mind, a sincere heart. Here are three qualities that should rule over all. Without them to gain life in peace and harmony". To philosophical lyrics and treatises of Shakarim summed up the philosophical thoughts of Western philosophers as Plato, Democritus, Camille, Herbert Spencer, and many others.философия/49MWbOE0qUaQO2uayq6KPVzOW0v6JqS2qVajYlBf.jpeg