On February 27-28, 2020, the Republican Pedagogical Olympiad for students of pedagogical specialties was held at the Abay Kazakh National Pedagogical University. Students of 11 specialties from various universities took part in the Olympiad. At the opening ceremony, Director of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of the University, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor B. A. Almukhambetov congratulated the students and wished them success. The opening ceremony impressed everyone. The program of the Olympiad included: defense of scientific projects “Abay and Kazakhstan in the XXIst century”, a performance connected to life situations: “Abay in my life”, conducting open lessons on the topic: “Using the pedagogical heritage of Abay” songs were performed, fragments from Abay's poems were read, and also there were assignments for writing an essay.

The team "Imani gul", consisting of 2nd year students of the specialty "Preschool education and training" of the Department of Social pedagogy and self-knowledge of ENU, took the third prize place.Our participants were very well prepared, even though most of the other participants were students of philological specialties.

However, students of our specialty successfully defended a scientific project on pedagogical analysis of the huge heritage of Abay, and the audience was impressed by the fact that during the performance they were able to successfully combine Abay's deep philosophical ideas with the modern world.

Thus, this Olympiad is of great educational importance, helping students to deepen their understanding of Abay’s heritage, develop life skills and integrate them into modern reality.