The 2nd issue presentation for 2021 magazine of the International Sociological Association "Global Dialogue" was held at the Department of Sociology

Global Dialogue is the digital magazine of the ISA. The first volume began in 2010, now this magazine appears 3 times a year in 17 languages. It is a lively forum that contains clashing views, visions and accounts from different corners of the globe, analyses of pressing issues of our time, discussions on theoretical approaches, and interviews with sociologists about the perspectives for the discipline.

In November 2021, at the Department of Sociology, Candidate of Social Sciences, Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of Sociology Smagambet Bayan Zhuzikbaygyzy and 2nd year doctoral students Ashirbaeva Farida Mamyrkyzy, Dauletkeldyyeva Assem Aimukhametovna and 3rd year students of the Kazakh group of sociologists organized the online 2nd issue presentation for 2021 magazine of the International Sociological Association Global Dialogue using Microsoft Teams.



            The presentation of the 2nd issue of 2021 of the magazine "Global Dialogue" was attended by the head of the Department of Sociology Baigabylov Nurlan Oralbayevich, the teachers of the department, the students, the undergraduates and the doctoral students of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd year of the specialty sociology.

            In this issue of the magazine "Global Dialogue" important topics were discussed: “Deaths of Despair and the Health of Democracy: Challenges for Sociology”, “Chinese Migrants and COVID-19 Pandemic”, “The World Paradigm: A New Proposal for Sociology”, “Scales, Inequalities, and Elites in Latin America”, “Chinese Students in Europe”. At the end, the participants asked questions and received the necessary answers.