Department of Psychology invited a foreign specialist PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) Nguyen-Feng Viann Nam-Phuong

As part of the Program "Attracting foreign scientists and consultants to the leading universities of Kazakhstan", the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Social Sciences of L.N. Gumilev ENU invited a foreign specialist PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)   Nguyen-Feng Viann Nam-Phuong from the University of Minnesota - Duluth USA.

The University of Minnesota - Duluth is one of the top 30 universities in the USA. The university is in the top 5% of the most famous and prestigious educational institutions on the planet. The educational institution is known for the high quality of teaching in the following areas: "psychology", "arts and humanities", "engineering and technology", "life sciences and medicine", "natural sciences", "social sciences and management", "mathematics", "physics", "chemistry", "computer science", "economics and business". According to the quality of teaching, this university is one of the best, entering the Top 100 in the world ranking. The educational institution has a high reputation among employers all over the world.

In accordance with the terms of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program Since September 2021, Nguyen-Feng Viann Nam-Phuong has been lecturing and conducting practical classes in the discipline "Psychological counseling" in accordance with the educational program for 3rd-year bachelors "6B03103-Psychology". For students of the Master's degree in the educational program "Psychology (M066)" Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)Nguyen-Feng Viann Nam-Phuong lectures on the discipline "Health Psychology: theory, methodology and technology" conducts consultations and practical classes.