International Sociological Marathon

December 8, 2017 The All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (ACSPO Moscow) held a sociological marathon dedicated to the company's 30th anniversary: "Investigator 2.0: Transformation of the profession into the digital age".

The goal of the marathon is to discuss current trends and prospects for the development of the society, industry and profession of the researcher. Determine what areas of research are chosen, which methods and technologies are introduced by the flagships of the market. To understand what the profession of the researcher will be tomorrow and how to become involved in it, what competencies to develop and what to learn in order to meet the employers' request.

Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences ENU named after LN Gumilyov became an active participant in this marathon in online communication with speakers. Key marathons speakers are leading employees of ACSPO and partner companies. During the marathon, the data of retrospective and forecast studies (including the forecasted projects "Industrial Foresight" and "Index of readiness for the future") were presented, the speakers shared their experience in mastering the latest methods and technologies. The main listeners of the marathon at the Department of Sociology were the faculty, students, undergraduates and doctoral students of the specialty "Sociology". Responsible moderator of this event at the department, Candidate of Sociological Sciences, acting professor R.S. Salykzhanov, in his speech noted that the sociological marathon is a new format of an educational seminar, a unique opportunity for young researchers from different regions to become participants in a professional dialogue with leaders of the industry in real time using a space bridge. The students of the Department of Sociology got acquainted with the leading experts of the research industry and received answers to the most important urgent questions.

In this way, marathon is a unique opportunity not only to answer professional questions, but also to show oneself, to strengthen relations with the leading research company and other marathon participants, to find a partner, and maybe an employer.





Author:  Senior lecturer of the Department of Sociology Issabaeva Sh.S.