International seminar on ecologicalization of the educational system under the conditions of development of ‘ green economy’ to the eurasion national university named after L.N.Cumilev

April 27, 2018 at the Faculty of Social Sciences Eurasian National University named after Gumilev, with the participation of the University of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization - the Russian People's Friendship University and the Bashkir State University named after Akmulla was held an international scientific and practical seminar "Scientific approaches to the ecologization of the education system in the conditions of the development of the green economy ". The seminar was organized within the framework of the priority direction of the development of science: "Mangilik El". The event was initiated by the research group of the grant scientific project  " Ecologization of the higher educational system as an innovative way of modernization of students' spiritual consciousness". (scientific adviser - professor of the department of social pedagogy and self-knowledge Dlymbetova Gaini Karekeevna).

During the seminar, a discussion platform was organized, at which the following issues were discussed: the ecologization of education and the development of the spiritual consciousness of youth in the implementation of the green economy, the role of universities in the development of the green economy, and the definition of innovative pedagogical technologies to modernize the ecological thinking of young people. The seminar also discussed other problematic issues in this area and outlines ways to solve them through the prism of  N.A.Nazarbayev's program " Looking to the Future: Modernizing the Public Consciousness."

The seminar was attended by teachers, scientists, representatives of public organizations, doctoral students, undergraduates.

At the plenary session, the Vice-Rector for Social and Cultural Development of the ENU named after Gumilyov, Dikhan Kamzabekuli, made a welcoming speech. He noted in the program report of the President of Kazakhstan a powerful methodological basis for scientific and practical activities and the urgency of forming pragmatism among the youth regarding the environment.

The key idea of the seminar - modernization of the students' spiritual awareness based on the University's environmental passport, which is a guide to the integration of the spiritual and moral aspect of the individual and the environmental content of the received professions - was sounded in the report of Professor Dlimbetova Gaini Karekeevna.

With great interest, the participants listened to the speech of the deputy of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Karaken Kuralay Anuarovna, who highlighted the main directions of improving the environmental legislation in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of Kazakh Agrotechnical University named after S.Seifullin Alipbeki O.A. presented the results of studies of individual ecologically intensive territories of Kazakhstan using digital models of territories, the idea of creating and forming the National Spatial Data Infrastructure of Kazakhstan.

Scientists from Russia (Moscow, Ufa, Kazan), Armenia, China, and Kyrgyzstan joined in with new ideas about the value attitude to nature, the technological development of environmental education, and ways to shape the ecological culture of the youth.

Representatives of non-governmental organizations were also involved in the work of the seminar. Thus, the content of the work of the organization UNDP PhD, the project manager of the United Nations Development Program-GEF Alexander Bely conducted a master class "The practice of greening everyday life for low-carbon urban development: the experience of the United Nations Development Program in Kazakhstan", which drew participants' attention to important aspects ecology of the region and possible solutions. Two other master classes that were held by the teacher of chemistry of  Nazarbayev of the Intellectual School of Astana city, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Bolatova A.Zh., were also effective and practically significant on the theme "Formation of ecological culture through development of environmental research skills" and master student of  ENU named after L.N. Gumilev Halykova Aizhan on the theme «Экологиялық тәрбие берудің негізінде студенттердің тұлғалық кәсіби құндылықтарын дамыту жолдары».

Within the framework of the seminar, a competition of environmental projects was held, which are presented by participants from different regions of Kazakhstan. The participants of the seminar were able to get acquainted with the projects like "Ecology of the dwelling", "Blooming stop as a solution to environmental and aesthetic problems of the cities of Kazakhstan", "Eco-bags from the banner", "Active model of the electric vehicle", "Modeling of the treatment plant for biogas extraction on the basis of cleaning" , "Energy and ecological alternative -" Biofactory "," Biogas - an alternative source of electricity and heat in the country's agro-industrial complex "," Smart parking". The best eco-projects are also encouraged by diplomas of 1,2,3 degrees.

As a result of the seminar, recommendations were adopted.психология/new/RNU0OTWEa4wVEaVvVzji0sq8VelsuiLTraUQYfZD.jpeg