In the Message “Growth of well-being of Kazakhstanis: increase of incomes, quality of life” President of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev noted, “The world is changing rapidly. Seemingly stable foundations of the global security system are fluctuating ...” Additionally, ecological safety of the country and the world as a whole requires a great attention of society. The Message also states about the need to "develop partnerships with leading universities in the world."

In addition to the tasks outlined in the Message, the participation of the teaching staff of Social Pedagogics Department and Self-Knowledge was held under the guidance of D.Sc. Professor Dlimbetova G.K. in Eurasian National University. On October 12 2018, the Second National Round Table called "Green Universities of Russia" was conducted by the Ecological Faculty of Russian University of Peoples' Friendship (RUDN, Moscow). The participation of ENU named after L.N. Gumilyov representatives in the event took place in the framework of the scientific project “Ecologization of the university education system as an innovative way of modernizing the spiritual consciousness of students” and was held online in English. As the President of Kazakhstan announced the following year as the Year of Youth, undergraduates and volunteers of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Ph.D. students, graduates of the 1st and 2nd years of Foreign Philology Department were also involved in the round table. The Center for Youth Policy of ENU took an active part in this event as well.

RUDN has been participating in the rating of “green universities” for several years, having begun this work first among Russian universities, and this has attracted the attention of research project performers. It is noted that today more than 600 universities in all regions of the world participate in the ranking of the Green Metric World University Ranking. At the round table, key topics were addressed from RUDN - Ph.D., prof. M. Redina, representative of the University of Indonesia - Dr. Nyoman Suwartha - Secretary of UI Green Metric and Dr. Gandjar Kiswanto - Director of Facility Management and Maintenance of the University of Indonesia. A welcoming speech was made by the head of the department, Ph.D., prof. Shalginbaeva K.K. Ph.D. prof. Dlimbetova G.K. pointed out the main issues, and PhD student Abenova S.U. spoke on the theme “Environmental volunteering as a component of a “green university”. From ENU named after L.N. Gumilyov the report was made by Ph.D., prof. Dlimbetova G.K. and the 2-year PhD student of the specialty "Pedagogy and Psychology" Abenova S.U. on the theme “Environmental volunteering as a component of a “green university”. Second year students of the Department of Foreign Philology of ENU. L.N.Gumilyov Bayorazova Zh.K., Ibragimov E.B., Khaidarov M.T., Kabylda A.K., Ospan D.K., Markhamet A. made specific proposals for the foreign language training of environmentalists-volunteers through authorized technology of Ph.D., prof. Bulatbaeva K.N., which were developed and will be tested in the course of current teaching practice. Specifically, under the Associate Professor of Social Pedagogy and self-knowledge department Mandykaeva A. Master degree students of foreign philology Zhaksylyk A., Aliyeva A., Kyzyrova A., Ensebaeva S. and others took an active part in the discussion.

From behalf of the participants of our university, recommendations were made on enhancing the environmental activities of volunteers in higher education institutions; and increasing their social significance, presenting environmental volunteering activities as an integral component of the “green university”.

Thus, during the round table, there was an opportunity to exchange experience with the leading universities in the development of "green" universities, and the prospects for active volunteering activities of youth at the ENU named after A. L.N.Gumilev.