“Saduakas Gilmany. Histories of Great mind of our age” International Scintific conference

On the 15th of February at the Eurasian National University was held International Scientific conference under the theme “Saduakas Gilmany. Histories of Great mind of Great Steppe” organized by IRCICA and Religious studies department of Social Sciences faculty. At the conference Mister Khalid Eren, the Head of the research centre of Islamic history (IRCICA), culture made a speech about the development and works of the research centre and its relations with Kazakhstan. General Mufti of Kazakhstan Serikjan Khadji Oraz, Scientific assistant of IRCICA Ashirbek Muminov, Vice –Rector for Socio-Cultural development of the Eurasian National University Dihan Kamzabekuly, Academicians Seit Kaskabasov, Garifolla Esim, Bolat Komekov, Serik Negimov and Head of the Religious studies Department  Kenshilik Tyshkan made meaningful speeches and congratulations.

Also, there presented religious and social figure, poet, translator and scientist Saduakas Gylmany’s book “Histories of Great Mind of our age”. At the presentation Gylmany’s daughter UKijan Saduakaskizy told memories and thanked all the participants. In all participants’ opinion conference was very successful, many interesting and fruitful meetings and negotiations were made.  

At the end of the Conference Saduakas Gilmany’s Grandson holding a final speech thanked all organizers and participants.